Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's Australia Day, so Good Day to Peter Carey

I have read many Carey novels, most recently Chemistry of Tears.  This novel managed to be brilliant and disappointing at the same time - suffering from lead characters that in the end I simply didn't like.  Of Carey's other books, apart from my favourite, Bliss, the Kelly Gang stands out.  This story read as a history, a realist piece, and did not fit with my image of the writer, Carey.  I will skip the rest - Peter Carey made his best impression with his first book; Bliss, apart from a page that made me give away my copy after many readings, is the best book I have ever read.  It combines the absurd with the sublime in a perfect match, telling a love/existential story that makes life worth living.  If I am fortunate/hard-working/inspired I might some day excel this book.  For now, however, this being Australia Day and Peter Carey my favourite writer, I offer my best puny imitation of an Australian accent, and wish Peter Carey a Good Day.

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