Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Dragonfly Pool - Eva Ibbotson

I am delighted to say that I have discovered a new 'favourite' author, and just by chance too. Eva Ibbotson's book reminds me of Michelle Magorian's books, as both authors set their books around World War II, but describing them from a child/adolescent's point of view. The Times describes The Dragonfly Pool as 'Irresistible' and I have to say that I completely agree. It is a tale of adventure and friendship, and has beautifully constructed sentences and use of words. It is a pleasure to read and, I would say, for all ages from about 8 years up. It starts off with a young girl being sent from the loving care of her aunts and father on a scholarship to a progressive boarding school in Devon where she spreads goodwill throughout and encourages the school to take part in a folk dance festival in a neutral country in Europe. While they are there, they make lots of friends, and together they help save a prince from danger. It is such a lovely story because it is compassionate, adventurous, innocent, magical, and exciting. My favourite bits were the descriptions of the amazing nature walks, with their fantastic but mysterious biology teacher, Matteo. It is very simple and easy to read, but is engaging and a proper, unexpected treasure.

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  1. Sounds like I should try this one, and then pass it on to my Anna (who's 8 now, can you believe?!)